Opera: not as scary as students may think it is.

As I am exploring the idea of getting my Masters in Vocal Performance, so that I can persue singing professionally, my thoughts have been on Opera a lot lately. In high school when asked what kind of music I liked I tended to reply as such: “Basically everything, but rap, heavy metal, and opera.” However, when I added voice to my Music Education major my sophomore year of college I was thrust into the world of opera and have come out on the other side proclaiming, “THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!” I am currently trying to immerse myself in as much opera as I can and I regret that I did not get an earlier start. Many high school students tend to see opera as weird, scary, 300lb horned-hat wearing women, and steer clear. But I believe that the need to experience opera, not in the way that they are expecting it, but REALLY experience opera and hopefully they will be amazed just as I was. (more…)

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