Opera: not as scary as students may think it is.

As I am exploring the idea of getting my Masters in Vocal Performance, so that I can persue singing professionally, my thoughts have been on Opera a lot lately. In high school when asked what kind of music I liked I tended to reply as such: “Basically everything, but rap, heavy metal, and opera.” However, when I added voice to my Music Education major my sophomore year of college I was thrust into the world of opera and have come out on the other side proclaiming, “THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!” I am currently trying to immerse myself in as much opera as I can and I regret that I did not get an earlier start. Many high school students tend to see opera as weird, scary, 300lb horned-hat wearing women, and steer clear. But I believe that the need to experience opera, not in the way that they are expecting it, but REALLY experience opera and hopefully they will be amazed just as I was. (more…)

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Relating To Your Colorguard: yes, they’re people too.

I feel very qualified to write about this topic because I have been on   both sides. In high school I marched piccolo for 3 years and then was drum  major my senior year. And in college I marched piccolo for 1 year, then joined the flagline for the next three, the last of which I was captain. dsc00278.JPG Your colorguard is part of the band as much as the trumpet section is a part of the band and understanding them and where they are coming from is very important. Here are six main points that I suggest to improve the relationship.


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This blog is about music education

This blog about music education. I feel very passionate about teaching music not so much because of my great love for children but because of my great love for music and my belief that music changes lives.

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